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iLLusions Decorative Window Film Offers Style and Privacy

If you have a design challenge, whether it’s adding privacy to a conference room or diffusing light in a lobby, LLumar iLLusions decorative window film offers a solution that is trendy, effective and affordable. Offering 50 different styles and colors, this eye-catching film can accent any interior design glass, surface or window project you have in store and fits your distinct personality and taste.

At Sunmaster Window Tinting, our design experts can help you find the perfect window film for your new or retrofit project. Our full line of iLLusions products includes:

iLLusions Decorative Window Film

  • Distinctive Frosts:
    At just a fraction of the cost of etched glass, the iLLusions frost series offers enhanced privacy and diffuses light without compromising brightness.

  • Modern Gradients:
    When you need to selectively hide areas of your facility or add a unique design element, iLLusions patterns can transition from clear to opaque.

  • Unique Patterns:
    Whether your design calls for a rice paper appearance or classic pinstripe detailing, you can find a graphic pattern that matches your aesthetics.

  • Realistic Textures:
    Simulate the clarity of a textured glass window while refracting light with stunningly detailed textures and visual effects.

  • Remarkable Specialties:
    Add an attention-grabbing pop of color to your facility or a sophisticated opaque to set the mood thanks to our specialty lineup.

The design possibilities with iLLusions window film are endless! Visit Sunmaster to see what we have in store for your business, or contact us today to get your free window film estimate.