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Safety & Security Window Film Defends You Against the Unexpected

In just seconds, your safety and that of your customers, employees and tenants can be compromised. A natural or manmade disaster can quickly turn the windows that are meant to protect you into something that puts you in harm’s way.

The durability and reliability of LLumar safety and security window film offers an extra level of protection against dangers outside. When professionally installed by Sunmaster Window Tinting, this thin, transparent film made with a heavy-duty polyester compound and bonded by special adhesives can hold shattered glass in place in the event of a blast, storm or accident. Those inside are protected against flying shards of glass that can be deadly.

storefront broken glass

Protection from Break-Ins

In addition, security window tinting acts as a deterrent against burglaries and break-ins, which is especially important to retail outlets. Virtually invisible, but incredibly durable, LLumar window film is almost impossible for individuals to break through, standing up to thrown objects, hammer blows, bricks, or other means of impact. And when burglars can’t break in, they’ll run off. Building owners, facility managers and architects here in Northern California and around the world have trusted LLumar safety & security window film to secure their buildings against anything man or Mother Nature has in store for them.

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